These testimonials are a small cross-section of my many happy clients who didn’t mind having their story added to my testimonials page – I have helped many more clients with similar stories who wish to remain private.

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“I surfed online for ages looking for a trainer. It took me a few weeks to pluck up the courage to phone Ben. I knew if this worked then nothing would as I had already gone down the route of Weight-watchers and gyms. I liked the idea of being outside, having a training partner and being allowed to take my two children along as well.

When I met Ben I was extremely nervous. I had thought someone who was so into fitness and healthy eating would shake his head in disgust at me for allowing myself to get so unfit and overweight! I couldn’t have been more wrong we spoke about what I was hoping for with regard to my fitness and weight loss*.

With trepidation, I went along to my first class with my husband/training partner. I Was lousy. I tried my best but must admit I was pretty poor. Ben never made me feel as though I was as bad as I knew I was. He encouraged me to try a little harder and if it was just a tiny amount that was fine. Thankfully he also has a sense of humor!

I never thought I would enjoy exercise classes so much. I actually look forward to our classes and there are now times when I’m sitting at home wishing I was in the Botanic Gardens or Kelvin grove  This from someone who never enjoyed exercise! We now do more as a family and we have all benefited.

Where have I got so far? Well, I have lost 19lbs in 7 weeks*. I feel like a new person and can’t wait to see where I’ll be in another 7 weeks.”

Jen, injury help & weight-loss*

Jen had tried various diets with varying success in the past and gone through fads of exercising. Jen worked really hard right from the start following her program and changing her diet, Jen is now at a healthy weight and looks fabulous – after losing over 3 and a 1/2 stone* in around 6 months, Ben also assisted Jen in rehabilitating her knee (previously injured in a motorcycle accident).

Jen now feels confident about the way she looks and kindly allowed Ben to put her before and after photos online.

Lynne’s Weight-loss* story

“Initially when we started training, I was very nervous about it all as I was extremely unfit and self-conscious. I couldn’t really do that much; I struggled to walk and even everyday tasks were difficult. Ben listened to my concerns, looked after me and worked out a fitness & nutrition plan for me.

He helped me to see it was all about making a lifestyle change rather than trying to diet. As a result, he helped me drop from a size 32 to a size 20* for my wedding day. It was great to still have curves, look good plus feel confident on my big day. Thank you, Ben!”

Lisa’s Pilates & Fitness story

“Since starting with Ben 10 sessions ago, I’ve lost 1 and a half stones* and feel much better! The training has been challenging but fun and I’m feeling loads better, as well as my clothes fitting better every week. If you’d like to lose weight and be slimmer, give Ben a try!”

Catriona McDougall – rehabilitation

“In 2007, I survived a life-threatening illness, which left me physically weak and with damaged lungs. It was expected these would improve in time, but after 6 months of recuperation, my lung function was still only 57% of what it should be.

In February this year, my doctor suggested I should to try to do as much exercise as I could manage. Though I was really keen to exercise again, I was also quite worried about it. What if I overdid it, couldn’t catch my breath, did myself an injury? I also knew that I didn’t have much energy and wanted to make sure that what I did have was channeled to get the best results.

When looking for personal trainers in York a friend recommended Ben to me and we met up for a chat. I explained my situation and it didn’t worry him at all. He asked permission to speak with my doctor and offered to work with me to gradually build up both my lung capacity and my strength. We set 3 goals to be achieved by the end of May:

  • To run the Glasgow Women’s 10k
  • To walk to the top of a Munro (Scottish hill over 3000ft)
  • To improve my lung function by a minimum of 10%.

For the first month, I trained twice a week. Ben focused on low impact, stable exercises to build strength and protect me from injury. If there was an exercise I couldn’t do, he would find a different way for me to work that muscle.

For example, we quickly found I couldn’t do a sit-up with a twist on my right side – I’d had an operation and there was absolutely no strength down that side. So we used elastic bands tied around a goal post instead; now I can do twisting sit-ups no problem. I then started some slow jogging for a minute at a time, building up gradually. It was hard work for me, but Ben was always encouraging and never pushed me too far.

Since April, I’ve trained once a week with Ben, and have had the confidence and motivation to follow an exercise plan he drew up for me on my own during the week. After just 3 months, I’ve met and exceeded all my initial goals, even though they seemed almost impossible when we set them!

Since April, I’ve trained once a week with Ben, and have had the confidence and motivation to follow an exercise plan he drew up for me on my own during the week. After just 3 months, I’ve met and exceeded all my initial goals, even though they seemed almost impossible when we set them!

In May, I ran the Women’s 10K in 1 hour 10 minutes, climbed not 1 but 4 Munro’s and finally, had a test which showed I had increased my lung function by 14%. Amazing results. I’ll definitely be continuing to train with Ben and have no doubt that I’ll end up fitter and stronger than I ever have been.”

Phil – Lt. Colonel in the Territorial Army

Bens Pilates York

“The hardest workout I’ve ever had! Ben does a great job helping me to keep physically fit so I can keep up with my men when we go out running, and out on operations.

I’ve done B.M.F before (British Military Fitness) but what they can’t offer is kettle-bell training which has helped me get stronger, faster and fitter than I’ve ever been in the past (even when I was a regular serving soldier.)

Ben’s pretty easy going, but he can still deliver a killer training session – definitely recommended!”

Alison H – Law Student

“As someone who had always been embarrassed by my unfitness but lacked the motivation and knowledge to do anything about it, the decision to contact a personal trainer and make that commitment was particularly scary! The thought of sweating and struggling in a gym full of Lycra-clad folk really did not take my fancy and I was keen to get out in the fresh air, so Ben’s outdoor training seemed perfect.

All my worries were completely put to rest after my first meeting with Ben; he is professional, approachable and encouraging at all times and with his help, progress had been steady and enjoyable!

From being completely unfit and even dreading flights of stairs, unbelievably, my attitude towards exercise has completely changed and I now really enjoy working hard and seeing the results and am just about to run a 6K for charity! I feel happier, healthier and more pleased with myself than ever.

Regardless of the weather, the sessions are always great fun as Ben’s cheery disposition, sense of humour, genuine interest in his clients and expert advice.”

Iain Rice, Commonwealth medallist personal trainer York story 

“Ben has hugely improved the standard of fitness training at Glasgow University Rowing Club since he arrived, in our recent fitness test 17 out of 20 Rowers scored a lifetime PB (Personal Best)

He’s easy to get along with and will put you at ease about exercise. If you’re just starting out getting fit I thoroughly recommend him to you”

Stephen Rarity, Business Owner 

“I can now enjoy my Friday night kebab without worrying completely guilt free, Performing in a highly physical role helping my team to Win a sailing world Championship in the 8-meter class wasn’t too bad either. Thanks, Ben.”

Bride to be Siobahn with weight-loss* to a deadline.

“I called Ben for help about 6 weeks before I was due to get married, I was panicking and worried that my dress was too tight. I had emailed a few personal trainers but most of the feedback I got was negative and made me feel even worse about leaving it so late. Ben was great!

He reassured me and gave me an exercise programme, diet advice and trained with me not only helping me to get fit but also relieve my pre-wedding stress and help me fit into my dress.

The result? The dressmakers were amazed at how much I have changed and I fit perfectly into my wedding dress! My waist and hips are much slimmer and I feel great wearing it. I’m really looking forward to my wedding day and would recommend Ben to anyone getting married who wanted a friendly and professional personal trainer to help them slim down, tone up and cope with all the stress!”

Heather with general toning, fitness and weight-loss* 

“I started training with Ben about 6 weeks ago, and in just 6 exercise sessions and one session about food and diet, I’ve managed to lose 10 lbs* and keep the weight off when I went on Holiday to America for 2 weeks.

I wouldn’t say the training has always been easy (he makes me work hard!) but the weight loss certainly has and my friends and family are already commenting on how much better I look! Can’t wait to see what progress the next 6 weeks makes! If you’re looking for a personal trainer York has the answer in Ben.”

Laura with Chocolate Compulsion 

“I found that I was eating 2 or 3 bars of chocolate that I bought when I visited the petrol station, but this was getting out of hand (and affecting my weight) so I asked Ben to help.

Using NLP he was able to completely cure the irrational urge I had to buy chocolate, and as a result, I’ve not eaten any for over 2 months, and have slimmed down significantly as a result (with little effort!)

During my session, I felt comfortable and relaxed and realized that sorting out those annoying habits that hold you back really isn’t a big deal at all!”

Rita with Stress and Weight-loss help

“I saw Ben originally to deal with a food issue and for some health and fitness advice, Ben listened patiently and allowed me to talk about not only food but also the underlying issues which had caused me, in the past, to overeat.

Although initially uneasy, I found Ben very easy to talk to and within 20 minutes we discussed issues very important to me, and then Ben hypnotised me to do the work. Immediately after, I felt more relaxed, and the issues that had been concerning me before felt much less important and more manageable.

Since then, I’ve felt more energetic, relaxed and much more confident and assertive at work. In just one hour Ben helped me to make more progress than I’d made with my challenges in the whole previous year!

Now I feel more able to tackle challenges, I feel more enthusiastic, and best of all I’m getting slimmer and fitter all the time. I was so impressed I’ve hired him to work in my Private Dental Clinic with my own patients!”

Karen – Company Director – Food issues & Weight Loss*

“Karen had always eaten a balanced and healthy diet but found that after the birth of her daughter she was snacking on biscuits more than she ever had. A tempting and tasty treat but often high in fat, sugar and salt not to mention E numbers and other nasty ingredients and certainly not a good idea when you are trying to slim down after having a baby.

For no reason, I’d find myself looking in the cupboard for something to snack on even though I was not hungry. next thing I’d be halfway into a packet of chocolate digestives.

I knew I had to do something about it if I wanted to slim down again and that’s when my sister told me about Ben. After one session, I now have the power to make my own food choices.”

Emma – Manager – Food Issues & Weight Loss*

“Like many others, I have tried numerous diets but have never resolved my issues with food until the ‘master’ came along…I often had problems ordering the right food in restaurants, and always headed to the chocolate box when watching my favourite trash on TV.

I also suffered from what I considered to be the ‘problem’ of comfort eating. I have now had some sessions with Ben and I find that I can go to restaurants and watch TV without ever having to worry about what I end up eating even when I’m not hungry, I finally feel in control of me.”

John Martial Arts Fitness 

“Ben has shown me some awesome ways to stay focused and in the zone. His study of NLP and Hypnosis helped me perform to my best and be better than ever. Furthermore, Ben taught me how to stay focused under pressure as I have to deal with some extreme high-pressure situations.

I found after working with Ben that I did remain calm in situations I’m normally on the edge or quite stressed with, and to my surprise, I coped far better, and I continue to use his methods as they really helped me.

Ben also did a great job to get me back up and running after some bad injuries with his sports therapy and personal training expertise. However, what was even better was the way I thought and felt after doing Hypnosis and NLP. When I went to Martial arts competitions, I achieved better results than I did when I was in my 20’s (I’m now 40).”

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