Concept 2 Rowing Machine Course in York

The concept 2 Rowing machine is a great way to get fit and work out from home!

A rowing machine can be a great way to get a low-impact, full-body workout. They’re also relatively easy to store at home.

This course is suitable for complete Beginners, for those who feel totally unfit through to the very fit, and you do not need to own a concept 2 rowing machine to do this course.

This course allows you to effectively use a Rowing machine at home for your own home workouts.

Rowing machines are particularly useful for:

  • Improving posture and back strength
  • Toning arms and shoulders
  • Losing weight
  • Improving strength and cardiac fitness

On this Course you’ll learn:

  • How to use a concept 2 rowing machine optimally
  • How to be safe at all times
  • How to write and execute a rowing base training programme
  • How to use a rowing machine to optimally aid your own goals
  • How to do various Rowing based workouts
  • How to purchase a Concept 2 Rowing machine cheaply
  • How to structure your training and goals in the mid to long term
  • How to stay motivated and enjoy training

This course can be in the following formats:

90 Minute Short Course (1 x 90 Minutes) £60

180 Minute Comprehensive course (2 x 90 Minutes or 3 x 60 Minutes) £120

The longer course is more suitable if you are completely new to rowing machines, the shorter course is more suited to those who are familiar with these machines but want to get more out of them.

The Rowing course also includes:

  • 130 page Rowing Guide Book
  • 30 Minutes of follow up support (E-mail or phone)
  • List of useful resources for using your rowing machine
  • Assistance in sourcing a good second hand rowing machine if required

My background and expertise to teach this course includes:

  • Being a Rower at Newcastle University Rowing team
  • Being a competitive indoor rower
  • Achieving 5.1 seconds under the Great Britain olympic team trial qualification time for 2000m distance (6:39.9 lightweight)
  • Extensive experience and qualifications in back care and working with clients with complex injuries
  • 16 years experience working with clients on rowing based training programmes

Please use the form below to enquire – or call me on 07810117025 to book