Personal Training

Personal training is about building a fitness routine tailored to your needs and preferences.

There are a lot of misconceptions about personal training and fitness training, personal training needn’t be very hard or demanding and isn’t about being pushed too hard.

I especially enjoy helping those who feel like they lack body-image confidence or would feel uncomfortable training in a gym.

Personal training is about being guided on your own journey to help you make excellent progress and enjoy the changes you’ll experience in yourself and your body.

Personal Training with Ben is:

  • Centered around your needs and goals
  • Appropriate for your fitness level
  • Fun and motivational
  • Understanding of your challenges & concerns
  • Educational
  • Designed to support you in managing your own fitness
  • Considerate of any injuries or issues you might have
  • Combines a mixture of Pilates, body weight and equipment based exercises

Call Ben today on 07810 117025 for more information and a free consultation.

My personal training studio is private and comfortable

Ben Cook personal trainer york
Ben Cook personal trainer york

I have a wide range of fun and interesting equipment to use – Personal Training is a great way to get motivated and start making progress towards your goals!

Personal training packages include:

  • Fitness plans and programs
  • Nutritional advice
  • Motivational help
  • Specialized training to improve fitness while overcoming injuries
  • Psychological support – I’m here to help you feel good

Whatever your challenges I’m happy to help and will enjoy assisting you with working on your goals and challenges!

Call Ben today on 07810 117025 for more information and to book a free consultation.