Weight Loss in York

Real Weight Loss* is Different to Crash Dieting

If you’re thinking about hiring a personal trainer in York to assist you with weight-loss* there are some points to consider before getting started on choosing the right personal trainer for you. The main one is to move away from ‘yo-yo’ weight-loss*  towards a more sustainable way of thinking about weight-loss and fitness.

View Ben’s personal training testimonials for examples of weight-loss* success. 


Size 16/18 to a perfect size 8 in just nine months:

Jen can attest to Ben’s extensive weight-loss experience – she went from size 16/18 to an athletic size 8 in 9 months, all with sustainable and safe long term weight-loss techniques. Jen also improved her fitness and ability to train enormously.

Weight-loss* should follow these principles:

  • Be safe and repair injuries or problems
  • Be Sustainable and not too hard or difficult
  • Improve long term health
  • Make it easier to train harder and stay slim in the future

“It’s just so tricky to keep up all that good stuff, I’ve done it before and after a couple of months I usually just get disillusioned with it.” – Client

Personal trainer and weight-loss Coach Ben can help you navigate the challenges and problems associated with effective weight-loss and help you to hit your short and medium term goals as well as improving your long term health and wellbeing in the process.

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What is the right weight-loss* mindset? 

Different people have different mindsets, and one way of thinking does not suit everyone. A tailored approach which maximises the use of an individual’s strengths while working around their individual weaknesses or unhelpful habits is generally most effective.

With his extensive experience of different techniques and methods Ben can assist you in setting up the most effective and sustainable weight-loss programme to help you lose weight permanently and easily.

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Not all exercise will make you lose weight* easily

You may have thought all exercise is good for you but the truth is that well-being exercise is different to fitness exercise. You could do the gardening, walk to the shops, go for a swim or maybe even go for the odd jog now and again, and there’s nothing wrong with that lifestyle, but you’ll never be ‘slim’ using only those methods.

For real and permanent weight-loss*, committing to being stronger and fitter than you are now as well as making positive changes to your diet and nutrition can yield impressive results – Ben can assist you in:

  • Setting up a nutrition plan
  • Finding the right styles of exercise and fitness training for you
  • Organising and running your own exercise plan
  • Assist you in mastering exercise and nutrition techniques

Ben is helpful, friendly and non-judgemental so you can call him in confidence to discuss how he might be able to help you.

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