Terms and Conditions

As a personal trainer Ben tries to ensure a fair service where the terms are set out clearly from the outset.

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  1. You must give 24 hours notice if you want to change or cancel a session. If you do not give notice you will be charged for the session.
  2. Outdoor sessions are carried out regardless of weather (including snow) unless the trainer deems it to be unsafe. Please check the forecast 24 hours before if you are unsure.
  3. If you are regularly more than 15 minutes late and do not let me know you are running late:
    1. You may not get priority for peak time slots (evenings and weekends)
    2. You may not be permitted to purchase any more sessions
  4. All block purchased sessions are non-refundable under any circumstances unless redeemed as a personal training, massage or sports therapy sessions.
  5. If Ben needs to cancel a session within 24 hours of the session taking place, you will not be charged for this session and you will receive a ½ session credit to your account. This does not apply to rearranged or mutually cancelled sessions.
  6. The location of the PT session may change, usually with 24 hours notice.
  7. All sessions purchased in any given block must be used within 6 months of the purchase date otherwise they will become null and void and will not be refunded.

Call Ben today on 01904 500490 for more information about Pilates Classes & personal training in York. 

Outdoor Training Disclaimer

Training outdoors inherently has some risk even after your trainer has done his best to fulfill his ‘duty of care’. These risks can include slip and trip hazards, obstacles (at leg, body and head height) and staircases. Your trainer cannot completely rule out the possibility of injury through accident or the action of a 3rd party during any training session.

By signing this you indicate you understand the inherent risks in outdoor physical activity and are satisfied your own provisions for working and any loss of income in the event of injury are sufficient. Should you become injured through 3rd party or no fault accident you agree that your trainer is not responsible for loss of earnings or any other losses financial or otherwise which may be incurred as a result.


  1. Friendly-fit will occur when 2 suitable clients (including you) can share a slot.
  2. If one client cancels the other will take the session as normal unless another suitable client can share the slot.
  3. Normal cancellation rules apply (if you cancel within 24 hours you will pay the full friendly-fit tariff
  4. If another client cancels within 24 hours  you will still pay only the friendly fit tariff, and not the full cost of a 1-1 PT session.
  5. If the other client cancels more than 24 hours before your session, you will then pay the full session tariff for 1-1 PT as normal if the other slot cannot be filled.

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