Personal Trainer York

Are you looking for a helpful personal trainer in York?

If you are looking for a personal trainer, York has the answer, Benjamin Cook.

Ben is an experienced and highly qualified personal trainer & Pilates teacher based in Heworth, York. Whether you’re interested in fitness, weight-loss*, help with injuries & back pain or assistance with motivation and technique, Ben can help.

Ben offers a friendly, helpful and non judgemental service suitable for anyone of any fitness level. All inquiries are treated sympathetically no matter what challenges you’ve had or however ‘lazy’ you think you’ve been in the past Ben can help.

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Personal Trainer York Ben is:
  • Friendly & Approachable
  • Fully Certified, insured and qualified
  • Supportive and positive
  • Fully insured
  • Able to help you achieve your weight-loss* goals, be fit and look great! 

If you’re looking for a personal trainer York has many choices, as one of the most highly qualified fitness trainers and weight-loss* personal trainers Benjamin Cook is uniquely qualified to help you reach your fitness and weight-loss* goals with his outdoor personal training service.

Call Ben today on 01905 500490 today for more information on personal training in York.

Personal trainer York outdoor fitness

Ben offers both indoors and outdoors fitness training in York and at your location.

Training Outdoors is fast, effective and a lot more fun then being in gym. You burn more calories outdoors because it’s usually cooler, meaning you burn more caloriesGetting more fresh air can also be great for your health and mental well-being, especially if you’re busy and perhaps sometimes stressed during working hours.

While training in the gym is also a good way to get fit, not everyone likes the gym and machines often flatter you about how fit and strong you are.  Many clients report better results, and a better ‘feel-good’ from training in the fresh air come rain or shine.

Ben’s unique approach combining body-weight exercises with kettle-bell training and Pilates style core work helps give a balanced mix of different types of fitness systems. You can also choose to mix and match indoor and outdoor training depending on the weather and your mood.

Personal Trainer York

Call York personal trainer Ben today on 01905 500490 today for more information.

Ben’s Personal trainer York fitness services include:

  • Effective Weight-loss* strategies
  • Conditioning and Toning
  • Kettle-bell training
  • Body circuits
  • Pilates
  • Core Conditioning
  • Nutrition and dietary* help

Ben’s York personal training service is effective, varied and based upon years of experienced helping clients get fit and lose weight effectively.

Training with personal trainer Ben has the following advantages:

  • No Gym fees or additional costs
  • A tailored and bespoke service.
  • Complete privacy and a support environment
  • Dedicated 1-1 support and help with your fitness goals and aspirations

Why choose personal training indoors and outdoors in York? 

After Ben served as a commissioned officer in the military (RAF Special operations intelligence), and spent time coaching fitness at University rowing teams, Ben determined that training outdoors was a great way for busy people who didn’t necessarily want to go to the gym to stay fit and lose weight.

Through years of experience and practical observations of those trying to achieve their own fitness and weight-loss* goals Ben has developed his own unique and effective weight-loss* and fitness strategies. 

Ben is happy to discuss any or all of your challenges confidentially and is always empathetic and understanding. 

Call Ben today on 01905 500490 today for more information on personal training in York.

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