Running for beginners York

Running for Beginners York

These articles are authored by Personal trainer, Pilates teacher and Weight-loss* coach Benjamin Cook who is based in Heworth, York.

Benjamin Cook is an experienced Personal trainer and Pilates teacher who gives sensible, safe and positive assistance to those with weight-loss*, fitness and well-being goals.

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Personal Trainer York Benjamin Cook has the following qualifications: 

• Master personal trainer
• Certified Pilates teacher
• Diploma Sports Nutrition
• Diploma Stress Management
• Diploma in Spots Psychology
CHEK practitioner in Corrective exercise coach
• CHEK holistic lifestyle coach
• Master Eriksonian Hypnotherapist
• Master Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner

Ben is always happy to help and will discuss any and all of your fitness and health challenges sympathetically and confidentially.

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Personal Trainer York Running Tips 

How to get started with Running

personal trainer yorkMost people jog too far too fast and too often to start with! Running as slowly as you can, for 60 seconds at at time to begin with. Space this out with brisk walking in-between. Going slow means you’ll be able to jog for longer, and you’ll quickly build up to a slow 10 minute jog.

Watch you running shoes

If there’s a warm rosy glow in your ankles and shins, your trainers may be not right for you and you might eventually suffer a jogging injury (shin-splints). Visit a running shop and get their advice about shoe choice if your feet or lower leg feels like this after running and remember to change your shoes every year or 500 miles (whichever comes sooner).

Limit How often you run to twice per week to begin with

It’s a temptation to run every day when you’re slimming down and starting to make progress.

Make sure you avoid this temptation and limit your runs to 30-40 minutes twice per week to begin with.

If you’re carrying extra weight, this adds even more load on your joints at a time when you’re least fit and most vulnerable to injury. The safest frequency at the start is normally once or twice per week for the first 6-8 weeks.

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Be patient with you long term goals

Losing weight properly and safely can take a while. Try to be realistic about your Goals. 6 to 12 months is the right time frame to lose a large amount of weight or significantly improve your running speed and you’ll need to stick at it steadily over that period of time.

Cross Training is important

It’s really difficult to get fit doing just one type of training. Doing at least two types of training (for example running and swimming) often gets much better results, and cross training (doing different types of training) as much as possible is really helpful.

Do Pilates & Yoga

Pilates and Yoga are great for building up overall strength in your body, creating flexibility and maintaining your movement health. Doing a class every week would be a great add-on to your existing running training and will help you get even better results from your running.

Yoga is especially good because it encourages flexibility and stability particularly in the hamstrings and hips, which can tighten up when you do lots of running.

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