Personal Trainers York – Tips on Getting into the gym

Do you struggle to get motivated with your fitness sometimes?

Going to the gym can be fraught with challenges, what to do, how to do the right kind of training, how to use the machines, how often to go and how hard to try. Some people say that the idea of weight-loss*, fitness and exercise is just really daunting.

There are many different variables and hundreds of different plans and ideas. The key is to focus on just a couple of productive areas to begin with. This allows you to make steady and incremental progress.

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If you’re looking for a personal trainer in York it can be difficult to know what kind of training or personal trainer would be right for you. Here’s some of Ben’s ‘personal trainer York‘ top tips for getting started with health and fitness:

Tip 1 – Commit to 20 minutes of activity 3 days per week

20 minutes of physical activity, 3 days a week, can have a huge effect on your overall fitness and well-being levels. Activity means something that is up to 6 out of 10 on the effort scale, gets you slightly out of breath and causes you to perspire a little.

These kinds of fitness and activity could include things like brisk walking, cleaning, gardening, or swimming.

If you’re not sure where to start with your fitness (or just feel totally unfit) some brisk walking on the way to work, or on your lunch break is a great place to start if you’re not used to physical activity.

Tip 2 – Understand the activity pyramid

Getting your activity pyramid right is important for motivation and feeling confident when you work out. This means building on the right foundations and taking your time (especially when it comes to weight-loss* and harder training).

The first step to building your exercise pyramid is about taking time to get the basics in place first (such as being generally active) and becoming used to them first.

The second step is to move onto more advanced fitness training when the foundations are solid.

Personal trainers (in York and elsewhere!) often push the client extremely hard early on to try and achieve fast results. This kind of personal training can have advantages and disadvantages, but it often doesn’t work as well as the trainer and the client expect.


Building on the basics – the activity pyramid

exercise pyramid

Many people get ahead of themselves and concentrate on hard exercise without the foundation of good sleep, diet* and well-being habits.

This can cause unforeseen setbacks and cause clients to feel demotivated.

Understanding the value of moderate training and the importance of the ‘fundamentals’ without quick fixes and gimmicks is essential to your long term success.

The diagram shows you roughly what stage you should bring in different types of training, with 1 to 2 months focusing on lifestyle, and general activity, month 2-12 on easy workouts (in addition to good lifestyle) them progressing into harder training sessions from month 4 and month 6, on top of the easy workouts.

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Personal Trainer York Tip 3 – Understand going to the gym

Without a decent level of sleep, good nutrition, and a sense of general well-being your whole exercise regime will be built on shaky foundations.

Building a strong base leads naturally onto the next stage of fitness, and reinforcing your well-being is vital to support visits to the gym.

It is important to get the foundations of the exercise pyramid in place, before trying to reach for the ultimate goal of being extremely slim and/or fit.

When starting out with fitness training there are some important personal trainer York principles to bear in mind:

Workouts should be comprised of:

◦        Warm up (3-5 minutes)
◦        Resistance and Strength training (e.g. Pilates, weights etc.)
◦        Warm down and stretching (5 minutes)
◦        Lasting approximately 30-45 minutes

45 minutes may not seem like a long time to spend training, there are some reasons for this as long cardiovascular based sessions often don’t work for weight-loss*

Those who do long steady (cardio) training sessions often end up eating more to make up for the calories they are burning doing the training.

This sets up bad food habits which carry on even when the person doesn’t train so much, causing further weight-gain.

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Why do you need to improve your diet when you exercise?

When you hire a personal trainer and begin training, your body will experience an increase load.

This will increase your bodies demand for vitamins, minerals and nutrients. If we train too hard, that demand will be enormous at a time when diet and habits may still not be as perfect as they could.

This often results in vitamin and mineral deficiencies about 6 to 8 weeks into training. The consequence is feeling fatigued and not very good, to the point of feeling demotivated and giving up the exercise programme in many cases.

This is why training at an appropriate level does not always mean training as hard as you can.

Key Personal trainers York training tips: 

  • Training too hard or often results in giving up
  • More is not always better to begin with
  • Too much cardio encourages bad food habits
  • Strength and resistance training are the most important

Most people assume that cardiovascular exercises are the most effective for weight-loss*, this is not usually the case in the longer term due to the habits it tends to encourage.

Too much ‘cardio’ training can also cause something called a ‘catabolic‘ state in the body, where lean muscle is lost due to the chemical state caused in the body by over-training, which makes it harder to stay slim.

Personal Trainer York tips Summary: 

  • Training sessions that are too long cause a ‘catabolic’ state
    • keep training to 30-45 minutes to begin with
  • Basic habits such as sleep, diet and managing stress are important
  • Resistance training is most effective for slimness in the long term.

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