Back Pain

Pilates for back-pain and back injuries in York

Pilates classes are a great way to manage and reduce back pain.

Pilates is highly effective in managing back issues and ensure long term health.

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Pilates is:

  • Low impact
  • Safe
  • Suitable even if you are suffering from some pain

Hiring a Pilates, fitness and corrective exercise specialist could greatly assist you in overcoming your back pain challenges. Ben can assist you in rehabilitation training and moving onto a more balanced fitness programme that is low impact and good for your back.

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Pilates & corrective exercise can assist with:

  • Non specific lower back pain
  • Sciatica & Sciatica like symptoms
  • Winged Scapula
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Poor mobility
  • Stiffness and Tightness in the back
  • Pain in the mid back, shoulder blades and shoulders
  • Poor posture
  • Previous Whiplash and impact injuries
  • Sports specific back pain or injuries


What Exactly is Pilates and how can it help with back pain ?

Pilates is a style of exercise which is smooth and low impact, focused around creating and t training stability in the core. Pilates classes are gentle and allow you to both manage and in many cases, eliminate the root causes of your back pain. Pilates also helps with improving posture while minimising the risks of injury.

Pilates is based on these fundamental Pilates principles:

  • Flowing Movement
  • Concentration
  • Breath
  • Centring
  • Control
  • Precision

Pilates is a smooth, slow, safe form of training that is low impact and will protect your body from further injury. 

Back pain and back injuries can come in many forms including lower back pain, middle-back pain, upper back pain sciatica and slipped discs. You may been using an osteopath or chiropractor in the past or are taking pain medication for the issues you are suffering from. If this is the case Ben can work with you to assist in minimising any pain and improving your movement health.

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Whatever your challenges with back pain are, Ben can offer a diverse range of techniques and exercises to assist you with managing, correcting and overcoming your back pain.

In many cases a course of Pilates and corrective exercise allows individuals to manage their back issues completely free from other medical interventions such as medications and surgery.

Pilates also strengthens your back and core. This will allow you to be more effective in the sports and activities you enjoy with a much reduced risk of injury. Many professional athletes and ballet dancers regularly train in Pilates to minimise and mitigate injuries.

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